The Dirty Donut is the first event of its kind held to be held on dirt roads. It offers three different distances of races, 18, 40, and 64 miles, and welcomes a wide variety of cyclists. Everyone from the very serious racer to those that just want a fun riding experience have a place at this event. Each race distance will have “donut stops” positioned along the race route. The short race will have one “donut stop” while the other two distances will have three “donut stops”. Participants will deduct five minutes from their final finish time for each donut they consume at one of our “donut stops” in the race.

Sound like fun? It all takes place on Sunday June 9, 2019 as part of the National Donut Day celebration weekend. The race will start and finish at the US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan. A very beautiful high quality medal will be presented to everyone who finishes. We have even more hardware for our divisional and age division winners as well!

There are so many ways for a person to win in this race it will make your head spin. Be sure to check the awards page before registering so you have a complete understanding of all the ways you can win.

We will be awarding custom winners cycling jerseys, trophies, and custom medals in several different divisions and age categories. The following is a brief breakdown of how you can win in each of our 3 race distances.

Overall Champion – The lowest overall adjusted finishing time wins this division. We take your finishing time and subtract 5 minutes for every donut you ate during the race. The winner will have the lowest adjusted time. If your fast enough and can eat enough you could end up with a negative time.

Sprint Champion – Want to race, but donuts are not your thing? Rock on my friends, this division is for you. The fastest finisher wins this division.

Overall and Sprint male and female winners in each race distance will be awarded one of our champions’ jerseys, a custom overall first place medal, and an awesome trophy for their efforts.

King and Queen of the Donut – In the pros, they award the fastest climber with the King of the Mountains Jersey. To win our jersey, you will need to eat the most donuts. Males and females who eat the most donuts and still finish under the cutoff time will take home this crown as well as a custom winner’s jersey.

Team Champions – Race with at least five of your friends. Ride fast and eat donuts along the way. Subtract 5 minutes for each one you eat. The team with the lowest overall adjusted finishing time wins this division. The team competition is only available in our 40 mile race distance. Teams can be comprised of an unlimited number of participants and can include males and females, but Coed teams are not required. Teams will compete in the Overall Division. The first place/champion team will be awarded with five of our champions’ jerseys and five custom overall first place medals.

Co-ed Fat Tire, co-ed Single Speed, and co-ed Tandem Divisions – Provided there are at least 10 registered in the Fat Tire and Single Speed divisions they will each win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place custom awards medals. Fat Tire and Single Speeds are also eligible for awards in the other divisions. For example – It is possible for a male or female to also be awarded with a medal in the Overall, Sprint, Team, and King and Queen of the Donut divisions. These divisions are only included in our 40 mile distance.

Tandem Bikes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall custom awards medals. Tandems are a standalone division and will not be included in other categories of results. Tandem awards are only included in our 40 mile distance.